Expensive Lullaby

I took this photo towards the end of the show;
it represents what I wish the entire concert was like

Fri., June 13, 2008

If you’re superstitious you may chalk up the following concert antics to a freaky Friday incident. I went to see Alicia Keys perform at the Verizon Center with my friend Chhayal. I enjoy AK for her incredible vocals. I was expecting the concert to be simplistic — focusing on AK’s piano skills, accompanied by strong vocals and powerful lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, those elements were present, BUT … there was also a wild ’60s style light show, mini movie clips, lots of dancers and credits rolled on the giant screen at the end!!! It was very bizarre. The tickets were pricey — at one point during the show Chhayal was falling asleep. I turned to her and said, this is an expensive lullaby my friend. The concert was a major disappointment to us both.

IN MEMORY OF: I was very saddened when I received the news from an industry friend that my hometown hero Tim Russert had passed away suddenly this afternoon. Tim was an incredibly smart and grounded individual. I admired him most for his skills as a political journalist and for being a man of great character. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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