Hunt for a Red Dress

I went dress shopping yesterday with my good and patient friend Eric (emphasis on patient). I was looking for a short cocktail dress in red for my upcoming birthday celebration. We headed to McLean because we figured it would be easy to find something at Tysons Corner. Wrong! We powered up at Panera that morning before embarking on our mission. We hit every store, from small boutiques and chain stores to big retailers. Things we discovered … a majority of all the stores were selling beachwear. The dresses they had in stock were casual and made out of cotton or knit. As time passed we had better luck at the big retail stores, but we were shocked that all the inventory was very similar. The selection of red cocktail dresses we came across was limited and the styles were tacky. Seven hours later we finally found “the dress”! Completely opposite of what we had been searching for — the style of the dress was long and the color was a bold black and white pattern. I’m very indecisive when I shop. A HUGE thank you and shout-out to Eric for helping me. Next challenge, finding a pair of red dress shoes to add a pop of color…

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