Prelude to Spartan

My friend Birgit organized a group of us to participate in Run Amuck. The four-mile HILLLLLY run and 21 obstacles including: massive mud pits, belly crawl, rope bridge, ammo can lift, hay bales jumping, tunnel crawl, balance logs and more were dispersed through the wooded terrain of Marine Corps Base Quantico. Last summer I took part in the Spartan Super and the monkey bars were my nemesis — my arms weren’t able to reach the span of the bars and I dropped to the ground on the first rung. When monkey bars appeared on the Run Amuck course I flew across them with determination and didn’t look back! It took about an hour for me to finish the race and it was a lot of fun. Only 69 days left until I compete in the Spartan Super again. Time to step up my Rocky training regime! Cue up theme song…

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