Bountiful Art

Brown Bag ArtI went to Workhouse Arts Center, a former correctional facility, that’s buildings were converted into studios featuring an array of art by local artists. When I entered Building 4 something unusual immediately caught my eyes — a colorful display of lunch bags sporadically covering eight walls. The empty lunch bags were canvases for original works created and signed by artists in that building and various guest artists. Initially, 1,200 works of brown bag art covered the walls. Each one is sold for $10 and 100 percent of the sales are donated to purchase food for Food for Others. I bought one that is an abstract painting of the Olympic rings. I can’t wait to display it in my office!

The Power of Chalk Art

Chalk Art

I collected newspapers for my friend across the street over the weekend. Her son, a mini mite hockey player, is totally into reading the sports section. When they returned yesterday he was anxious to get the papers from me so he could catch up on his teams. I gave him the newspapers and a box of sidewalk chalk for him and his little sister. As I pulled into the driveway this evening after work I discovered these two chalk messages waiting for me (cracked me up that the little boy included the CAPS score and asked if I could spot his spelling mistake). So funny and cute, it completely melted away the stress of my day!

Sunday Excursion


I went on a field trip with my friend to Arlington to visit a place called Artisphere, an urban arts center. The building space it occupies was the old Newseum. The exhibition we went to see was ‘Frida Kahlo: Her Photos.’ Artisphere is the “first and only U.S. venue” to present this exhibit of personal photographs that reveal moments of Frida’s private life. We weren’t allowed to take any photos of the exhibit, so the exterior shot of the sign is all I captured. Afterwards, we took advantage of the beautiful spring-like weather and walked from the art center across the Key Bridge into Georgetown for some lunch. A nice and relaxing way to end the weekend.