Santa On and Off Duty

I was at a plaza with my BFF and her little girl when we spotted Santa on duty; we stopped so she could pay him a visit. I have seen many variations of Santa through the years, but there was something mesmerizing about this particular one. Everything about him was genuine from his white beard, rosy cheeks and twinkle in his eyes, to his jolly spirit. It was as if the Santa of my childhood came to life from a Rankin/Bass Production. A little while later we were having lunch and I noticed Santa at a table on his break. Covered up in a coat, he had a red lunch bag and was on his smartphone. I’d like to think he was checking his naughty and nice list the modern way. 😉


Advent Calendar

Every year before the start of December I go on a quest for a cool Advent calendar. Counting down the days until Christmas using an Advent calendar is my favorite childhood tradition. I am fascinated by the designs that range from simple to elaborate and the different surprises behind each little window. I own a wooden Advent calendar that I have enjoyed for years that is carved into the scene of a ski village and when you flip each window block it reveals a different toy, but every year I always buy a new paper Advent calendar. One of my friends who lives in Seattle surprised me this year with a calendar from her area that has a classic design of two children with sparkles and behind each window is a letter spelling out a message and a different flavored gourmet chocolate from Seattle Chocolates (photo above). Two of the most unusual paper Advent calendars I have enjoyed are: a NHL-themed calendar from Canada that had 32 days of team logos – one day for each team in the league and a beautiful pop-up calendar called Dream Snow that I bought through MOMA — each day revealed an ornament you could hang on the tree or present you could put inside one of the boxes. I can’t wait to see what next year holds in store!