Nailed it!

A healthy mind is equally as important as a healthy body, so when my friend Christine shared this story and it made me smile, I wanted to pass it along to you. I hope it provides you with a happy boost!

Christine has been preparing diligently for months for her upcoming wedding this May. She is super excited and has a Pinterest board filled with her fav wedding things. One of the items is a box made of wood for display at a wedding where people can insert their money cards. Christine is very crafty and wanted to make the box instead of buying one. She went to her parent’s home one weekend and teamed up with her dad who does a lot of woodworking. Together, they built the cardholder out of scrap wood. He used nails he had in a jar and revealed to Christine that the nails were from her grandparent’s home in Northern Pennsylvania. After both her grandparents passed away, her dad was at the house prepping it for sale and doing some minor upgrade work when he took the nails out of wood paneling from 1971 and placed them in a jar. He thought the card box for Christine’s wedding was a perfect project to reuse the nails.

It sounds simplistic, but there is a lot of cool symbolism to this humble story. A nail is defined as a small metal spike driven into wood to join things together. That in itself is cool if you think of marriage and how it’s a union. An additional fun symbolic element is that the nails are now uniquely linking a part of her family’s past with the future. A great example of how something small in life can have significant meaning.

Wishing Christine and Tyler all the best on their upcoming nuptials!

NOTE: Photos by Christine’s mom.

Encouraging It Forward

Encouraging It Forward

It had been a very difficult week and I was anxious for it to be over. Drained, I stopped in a Starbucks on my way to work for some fuel. As I got in line I was greeted by a joyful little boy named Judah wearing small angel wings and a T-shirt reading “Kindness is magic.” He said “hi”, gave me a handmade coffee sleeve, ran over to his parents and grabbed another one out of a laundry basket ready to greet the next person. I noticed that mine was a matryoshka (aka Russian nesting doll). I said to his parents “cool, I worked at the Olympics in Sochi, this is great.” The mom shared how she had just crocheted that coffee sleeve last night and it was the only one of its kind in the batch. Wild! When I posed for a photo with Judah he smiled and gave me a big hug. It warmed my heart and melted the stress of the week away. When I looked at the photo I noticed a ray of sunshine around Judah. I thought what a perfect symbol of his bright and kind spirit. The family was handing out the coffee sleeves “to show strangers a tangible way that they are loved.” (They gave away 100 in 45 minutes!) Their motto is “encouraging another person.” My goal is to do so by the end of today.