Too Much of a Good Thing

I contemplated sharing this incident publicly and decided that if it helps anyone, then it was worth being vulnerable.

Inundated with COVID-19 talk in every direction, I became very stressed. Toward the end of April, I got sick and thought if I increased my Zinc intake, it would help. I couldn’t afford to miss training days for the Empire State Ride. The more vitamins and minerals I took, the better, right? WRONG!

I took one Zinc/Copper pill and 10 – 15 drops of pure concentrated liquid Zinc in my green tea every day, totaling more than 30 mg, a sharp contrast to the recommended daily dose of Zinc for women, which is 8 mg. My goal was to blast my infection away, but I ended up blasting my body.

I felt falsely better the first day and then started getting sicker—scary sicker. I was severely nauseous, fatigued, had bowel issues, chills, massive headaches, an intense metallic taste in my mouth, and became very weak.

During that time, I had a video appointment with my doctor. He asked what I was taking. My brain was thinking in terms of prescription-type medicine, so I replied nothing except my Synthroid. I never thought to tell him about the daily vitamins, minerals, and supplements I was taking—another mistake on my part. Days later, when I told him what was going on, I learned that I had Zinc toxicity and was poisoning myself but didn’t know it!

I’m still fighting to be out of the woods as my body continues to detox. I lost two key weeks of training for the cancer ride. Why? Because I falsely believed that more would be better to boost my health.

I understand with all of the overwhelming news about COVID-19, you want to protect yourself and ward off the virus as best you can by doing whatever possible. But I urge you to talk with your doctor first before you take anything, even if it’s something familiar and seemingly harmless, like vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

Stay well!


Lunch With Jenny

Photo by Jenny

I recently broke up with Facebook because I needed a break from the declining positivity. I may get back together with it again in the future, but for now we need some time apart. I shared this news with my close friends — some took it better than others. My friend Jenny was particularly unhappy. I met her for lunch today and as I was sitting down, she took a surprise picture of me paparazzi-style. She knows my weaknesses — news about friends, not liking photos of myself posted that I can’t see, and celebrity gossip. After our lunch meeting Jenny sent me the photo posted above and the following email …

“this photo will be uploaded as of Friday, June 14 9AM EST if you are NOT back on FB. Also, i plan to post a series of titillating news stories that i know you will want to see and email you short teasers…

and remember that you now look extremely guilty — as you just happened to shut down your FB right when all the government spying has come to light…”

I almost fell off my chair from laughing. I’m going to try to stay strong and keep off of Facebook for a while, but I have a feeling her creative efforts to lure me back will be my Kryptonite.